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Why Red Angus?

Strengths of Red Angus:

  • High carcass quality for both marbling and tenderness
  • Light birth weight/Excellent calving-ease
  • Moderate frame size
  • Easy-keeping females with lower maintenance costs
  • Superior reproductive efficiency
  • Heat tolerant due to red color
  • Gentle disposition

Our Favorite Traits:

  • Strong bone structure
  • Natural thickness
  • Fleshing ability
  • Uniformity
  • Tremendous fertility/Exceptional mothering traits
  • Calving ease with high growth within a moderate frame
  • Outstanding carcass traits
  • Adaptability to heat and humidity

Red Angus cattle deliver live, thriving, easy-handling calves. Reproduction and the birth of live calves are essential aspects to profitability. Red Angus breeders focus on increasing cattle performance while maintaining calving ease at birth. Red Angus genetics show a genetic trend in low birth weight calves which later excel with strong growth traits.

Red Angus females are moderately framed, easy calving, and easy fleshing. The docile disposition and maternal ability of the Red Angus females are an added bonus for cattlemen looking to increase fertility and profitability in their cow herd. These cattle do not require excessive nutrients in order to calve at two years of age. Red Angus females have proven themselves to be efficient through their exceptional milking ability, tremendous fertility and prosperous longevity. This breed of cattle meets the demands of the cattle industry today and offers multiple advantages for all cow herds. Best uses of Red Angus include the following: producing replacement females, breeding virgin heifers for easy calving, selling Red Angus sired feeder calves/retaining ownership, and versatility.

Red Angus cattle have all the characteristics of Black Angus, only with a red color hide. These cattle are hardy, having the ability to withstand extreme environments, and they show increasing growth with low maintenance needs. Red Angus marbled meats are highly desired in butchers, supermarkets, restaurants, and homes throughout the world.

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